Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Too many dolls!

Do you have too many dolls, stuffed animals, or small furry animals underfoot? Ok so maybe not the small furry animals part but you know what I mean. Can't walk two paces without one of them knawing on your ankles?
Well here at House Morbid we're always thinking of ways to help out the community and so we have a solution for you!
His name is Eddie and he has an appetite for those pesky little overly cute monstrosities and he needs a good home! That and the cats would like to be able to come back into the crypt without being chased. Um, ignore that last part there, that never happens, eh hem.
So follow the link and adopt this poor pittiful little guy who can declutter your house in a heart beat!

Our cats thank you, at least what's left of them! Anyone have any spare kitty parts we can borrow?

Morbidly yours,

Xane and Dane