Thursday, October 15, 2009

And the Halloween madness just keeps going......

Hello Happy Halloweeners!

No I do not think you're weiners... sheesh.    Ahem

Here's another up date from our neck of the woods to yours.  The decorations have been flying and all the little members of the clan have been adding their wishes to the Samhain gift list.  Xane's poor fingers!  It is not easy making skeletons. Don't let anyone tell you any different.  Removing the bones, polishing them up nice and don't even get her started on the coffins!  Needless to say things are pretty busy around here. 

Oh and then there is the relatives to dig up and make presentable.  Grandma needed a lot more work this year than usual.  She's gonna look like a million when we get done with her!  There's the meade to uncork and the bread to bake.  Hey we don't have time to hang around here, we got stuff to do!

The updates:

 Zombieland - Saw it!  Loved it!  Will buy it on blue ray!

Cold rainy weather - check and we love it!

Graveyard all set and clean - check and check

List of activities for the holiday ready - check!

That's all the checkin' for this week!  How about a little history!


As with all holidays food is a big part of the festivities.  Halloween puts its own twist on eat, drink and be merry.  

Dumb/mute suppers were put out by homeowners to feed the dead as they passed back to the otherside and to garner protection for their homes from the otherworldly travelers.  Dumbcakes, fruits and other small foods were given to beggars to pay them for prayers for the dead to be said on Nov. 1st.   The tradition expanded and it became children in 'guises' that got the treats instead.  The tradition went on and was carried through to the new world, where we now enjoy trick or treat.  

This is the short version of this extensive history.   Please check these sites for more details!  Some of them will give you wonderful ideas for things to dig up for your own celebrations!
I would try to write out the whole history, but this site does an awesome job of summing up the history of Halloween.  Check it out.