Saturday, October 3, 2009


 It should be no surprise that we love Halloween!  Samhain.  The days of the dead.   All that.  We LOVE them.  The history, the tradition and the wonder of all things beyond the veil, so to speak. 

We have agreed to participate in a daily post about what we are doing to celebrate the holiday.   We do tend to do something just about everyday of the month of October to remember and celebrate believe it or not. 

We are a few days behind at posting what we are doing, so I'll get right to it.

October 1st - Scoped out all the Halloween shops around town.  Started looking at our decorations and setting them out around the old crypt.  Dane cooked the pumpkin to make the bread to have with our meade!  I am all a twitter about that...

October 2nd - Took the youngest of the brood to said Halloween stores and let him look over the bloody offerings.  He picked what horrible thing he will go as this year!  A zombie military soldier.  Could we be more proud?

October 3rd - Have already purchased movies for our night of a thousand screams.  Our version of the late night double feature picture show.  Kid friendly and we do not throw the popcorn.  That just makes the dust bunnies multiply.  We throw fingers, they can at least pick up after themselves.  So, we will probably preview the movies. 

Every day this month we are also having a 20% off sale with coupon in our shop.  It is off your total order and only one coupon per customer. Use the code Anabel Lee to get your discount.  You can find Skully Rose up there in our picture at our shop!  The sale is being advertised by the Ghouls Guild on Artfire.  We are also participating October 1st thru October 13th in all that madness going on at the Ghouls Guild Blog.  So check all that out!   

One more thing!  Xane's articles will be up weekly at Handmade News and this month's theme is all things Halloween.  So if you want to get your shop spiffy for the holiday check it out!

That's all for now.  We may not post what we do everyday, but we will post something Halloween related daily for the month of October.  We hope you all will TUNE in. 

Happy Halloween! 


Now where did I put those spare fingers.....