Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

Here in America its time for the rockets red glare and bombs burstin' in air again. The sounds of roman candles and bottle rockets filling the air. The barbeques being lit with a beer or your ale of choice in hand. We like that. All the relatives digging themselves up and planting their mostly rotting asses on the lawn furniture. Fireflies flitting from one ghoul or specter to another. A real family get together. Its just good fun!

We hope your relatives and friends manage to haul themselves to your doorstep soon and help fill the air with sounds of wheezing and moaning and the smells of charcoal and ashes. Mooching your hooch and gobbling up all the weenies off your grill. Everyone of them happy to tell you about their mouldering parts and how their caskets are starting to leak. But, if that much togetherness gets on your nerves you can always send everyone home with a nice bonfire and some nifty explosions courtesy of your own munitions cabinet.

Here's hoping you have a bang up weekend from the Dravors! See you when the dust clears and we're back to business as usual here in the good old US of A.

Xane and Dane Dravor