Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's ALIVE!!! Grab the kids, tell the neighbors, dig up a friend and read this!

Xane and Dane have been banging around the crypt working hard and we just wanted to share a little of what they've put together.

Xane has put out a new article on Handmade News in the Craft Trends Dept, where we darklings finally get a bwahahahaha over on the light and fluffy side!
To read more, check it out here!

Dane has been hard at work reading comics, eh hem, and proof of his hard work is here on the review section of Comic
If you love the artwork of Ben Templesmith, of "30 Days of Night" fame, you'll love this new comic he's putting out in conjunction with writer Chris Ryall.
To find out more about it and to read Dane's review follow the link below.

For other craft news go to

For news, headlines and reviews of your favorite comics and more check out

Morbidly yours,

Xane and Dane
and whatever that thing is that just crawl out of the drain pipe. Looks like they've been experimenting again!

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