Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just Delicious

Hello ghouls and ghoulies, it's Wednesday again and time for another spooky folk tale! Today for your sampling pleasure we have a story called, "Just Delicious" and after wards, we would recommend a good hearty meal! Bon appetite!

George Flint loved to eat. Each day at noon he closed his camera shop for two hours and went home for a big lunch and his wife Mina cooked for him. George was a bully, and Mina was a timid woman who did everything he asked because she was afraid of him.
On his way home for lunch one day, George stopped at the butcher shop and bought a pound of liver. He loved liver. He would have Mina cook it for dinner that night. Despite all his complaints about her, she was a very good cook.
While George ate his lunch, Mina told him that a rich old woman in town had died. Her body was in the church next door. It was in an open coffin. Anyone who wanted to see her could. As usual, George was not interested in what Mina had to say. "I've got to go back to work," he told her.
After he left, Mina began to cook the liver. She added vegetables and spices and simmered it all afternoon, just the way George liked it. When she thought it was done, she cut off a small piece and tasted it. It was delicious, the best she had ever made. She ate a second piece. Then a third. It was so good, she could not stop eating it.
It was only when the liver was all gone that she thought of George. He would be coming home soon. What would he do when he found that she had eaten all of the liver?
Some men would laugh -- but not George. He would be angry and mean, and she did not want to face that again.
But where could she get another piece of liver that late in the day?
Then she remembered the old woman lying in the church next door waiting to be buried....
George said he never had a better dinner. "Have some liver, Mina," he said. "It's just delicious."
"I'm not hungry," she said. "You finish it."
That night, after George had fallen asleep, Mina sat in bet trying to read. But all she could think about was what she had done. Then she thought she heard a woman's voice.
"Who has my liver?" it asked. "Who has it?"
Was it her imagination? Was she dreaming?
Now the voice was closer. "Who has my liver?" it asked. "Who has it?"
Mina wanted to run. "No, no," she whispered. "I don't have it. I don't have your liver."
Now the voice was right next to her. "Who has my liver?" it asked, "Who has it?"
Mina froze with terror. She pointed to George. "He does," she said. "He has it."
Suddenly the light went out -- and George screamed, and screamed.

Well kiddies, we hope you enjoyed the tale we stirred up for you today and remember to treat the one who cooks for you very very nicely!

Xane and Dane Dravor

Story taken from, "Scary Stories Treasury". Collected from folklore and retold by Alvin Schwartz.
ISBN 0-06-026341-5

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